For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

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Tell People About Us:

Share our Information pages, our Newsletter, our Welcome Pack, or our Postcards! We can mail postcards for you to display or share.


You can support our resources by sending money to Sarah. Please clearly indicate that you wish it to be spent on the DI as Sarah supports many networks!

Get Involved:

There are many roles in a network and we appreciate everyone in our community who assists!

  • Share our Postcards with your local mental health or health service, therapist, or friend in need
  • Write articles for, share links for, or collate and publish, our monthly Newsletter
  • Colour Print and/or Mail our Welcome Pack
  • Contribute your favourite book to our Library
  • Join our Online Discussion Group and be an active member – share links, welcome new people, respond when other’s share
  • Event Planning: Help arrange talks, workshops, resource launches, and media releases

We are currently looking for interested people to help develop some new resources. If you would like to indicate your interest and availability, please get in touch:

  • Support Referral Directory
  • Email Team who can respond to incoming emails from this website and direct people to resources – we’re especially interested in people with a lived experience of dissociation, multiplicity, and/or amnesia, but professionals, friends, and other supporters would also be very appreciated.
  • Phone Team – as above but via a skype number
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