For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia


Watercolour logo cropped copyrightWelcome to our international community network, run by Sarah K Reece with support from other volunteers. 🙂 We are passionate about raising awareness about dissociation, amnesia, and multiplicity. Please read, print, and share freely. 🙂

Diversity is welcome here! The DI is a highly diverse community with people who have many different opinions, experiences, and frameworks to understand themselves and their lives; approaches they find helpful, and hopes for the future. We celebrate this!

We work from a peer community basis: people with lived experience, friends, partners, family, professionals, elders, spiritual leaders, students, creators, and reporters are all welcome.

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Whatever your experiences or beliefs, you are certainly not alone! These experiences are very common. People can and do lead fantastic, meaningful lives. There is hope!