For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Support Groups


Face to face small groups, for anyone over 18 who is seeking support for experiences of any kind of dissociation and/or multiplicity. Clinical diagnosis is not a requirement. All DI groups have at least one facilitator who is a peer worker, that is, has a personal lived experience of dissociation or multiplicity. For those seeking support who live outside group areas, please contact us directly or consider our online support.

You are welcome to print and display or distribute the group flyers anywhere.

Please contact a facilitator prior to attending to confirm the group details. 🙂

Melbourne, Victoria

Echoes – online
1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month, 7pm – 8:30pm


  1. Sue  0458 181 222
  2. Mollie 0400 582 371 (please sms)
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