For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Useful links


The DI website has been written by Sarah K Reece, a peer worker with lived experience. For more of her writing on these topics, try these links on her personal blog:

Many of our members write blogs, have websites, or manage online groups of their own. We are always looking for current and relevant resources to link, feel welcome to suggest yours. This is a Network for you to explore: some links are clinical, others are alternative, there is great diversity represented here. Listing links here is not an endorsement, take care when exploring.

Books by members

For more book suggestions please check out our Library or ask Sarah for a recommendation.

Personal Websites by People with Lived Experience

There are many people who are open about their experiences of dissociation, and many mental health professionals who are part of the Dissociative Initiative network and have websites, blogs, books, youtube clips, and other resources you may find useful.

Organisations, Indexes, Networks

Some of these offer helplines, online forums, face to face support, email support, books, blogs, and other useful resources.


Online Support Groups not attached to a website

Inpatient Support

Art and Pride Wear

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