For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Behind our Logo

DI postcardThe colourful Dissociative Initiative Logo was developed when several of us were working on starting up the support group Bridges. I (Sarah) created a fern image in consultation with the Hearing Voices group Sound Minds for their flyers, and I wanted to make something for the Bridges flyers.

I trialled several different designs. I wanted something striking but simple, that would work big on a flyer or really small on a business card. Dissociation is difficult to communicate visually, so I was looking at visual representations of multiplicity because these can be someone’s personal experience of parts, but are also a lovely metaphor for the coming together of diverse people in the Dissociative Initiative. Many people like the image of a jigsaw puzzle for multiplicity, which I understand, but as it is also used to represent autism I thought I would keep looking. I love rainbows as a representation of diversity and acceptance, of not having to change who you are to be accepted, but rather the differences between us creating a beautiful harmony when we pull together, but as rainbows are used to represent GLBTIQ communities I wanted to do something a little different there too. It was very important for me that the image also be gender-neutral and race-neutral.

I trialled patchwork designs, and various natural images of parts that also form a whole – such as the petals of a flower, or leaves on a tree, but none of them were quite right.

In the end I created this logo, called “The Undivided Heart”. It is modeled on a stained glass window design and uses rainbow colours to represent different parts of a community, who all come together with one heart, a shared purpose – in this case to raise awareness and support people who experience dissociation. As different as we may be in so many ways, we are united by a passion for mental health and a belief that people deserve resources and community.

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