For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Hello everyone,

It’s been a long time since we’ve been putting out regular newsletters, for which I apologise! It’s great to keep everyone up to date with developments, but I’ve been rather swamped with keeping resources running and haven’t had much time to talk about them too. 🙂 This year the big news is our lovely new website. We have moved from blogger to wordpress as the format is more suitable for hosting a lot of information as we expand the website. We will be updating our online address to a simpler one soon, and then changing the DI postcards. It’s a little bit of a process but the end result is easier for people to find, share, and print from.

Bridges is undergoing a big change this year – we are moving to a new structure to allow us to better support our working group members. Bridges is our face to face weekly support group in Adelaide, now it will be running in the afternoon once and fortnight, and the evening every other fortnight. See the new flyer here. We’ve been fortunate to have a new wonderful peer worker Melanie come on board to assist with the evening group. Please get in touch before coming to confirm if that week is an afternoon or evening group.

We are working together on a number of projects and looking to recruit volunteers to help out. Right at the moment we would love to have some more poeple helping to run the Open Facebook Group, people to manage printing and mailing the welcome packs through Mifsa locally, and people who can help us with building a Professional Referral Directory. We are also looking into fundraising opportunities.

We are keen to support new groups around Australia, to offer educational forums and workshops, and to reach out to people who support those of us who live with dissociation. If you can help, or have any other suggestions about projects and resources that would help you, please get in touch.

Best wishes and take care,

Sarah K Reece


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