For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Day one of the Congress is over and it has been an amazing experience with deep conversations about identity, meaning, madness, power, community, and diversity. Dissociation and multiplicity are both featured topics which is exciting and wonderfully inclusive. If you are interested in following the congress as it unfolds, Sarah is sharing quotes and thoughts on twitter @sarahkreece. We will be writing more about the conference once it is over.


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    The conference is incredible. I’ve ranted, wept, hugged, frantically scribbled notes, sat and thought, connected, and learned so much. I promise I will share things with you when I can. For now – Rose was assaulted while exploring Melbourne, she is physically not harmed but was very distressed. We have managed the situation well and fortunately she’s booked to come in to the congress tomorrow with me. I have my talk ready to go for tomorrow and have done a major re write of the Dissociative Initiative website and added all the notes people may want for the talk. I’m exhilarated, sad, tired, and grateful.

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