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Movement afoot!

The Hearing Voices Network of SA has been garnering a great deal of interest lately, due to a visit from Ron Coleman to discuss voice hearing and a network with staff from a number of local organisations. I have arranged a number of meets to gather support and get new projects off the ground – there’s more detail on the HVNSA newsletters here and here. It’s fantastic to be part of an existing model with international groups and support!

Of course, at the DI we don’t have that so much. We use the same models but for different experiences. It’s my hope that the interest generated by the HVN will also lead to more awareness of and support for the DI. So please, if you’re interested in being part of this – reach out. Send me an email and lets catch up online or face to face. We are looking at getting a professional referral directory happening for the HVN, the same would be fantastic for people at the DI.

I am involved in a couple of free forums coming up:

Hearing Voices: the reality of a person’s experience
Presented by Matt Ball with Sarah K Reece
Wednesday 10th Dec (following a meetup)
11am – 12.30pm
Mifsa Panangga, 64 Elgin Avenue, Christies Beach
Flyer with details

Making Christmas Easier
Presented by Sarah K Reece
Tuesday 16th Dec
1.30pm – 3pm
Mifsa, 5 Cooke Terrace, Wayville
Flyer with details
This is not specific to people with trauma/dissociation/amnesia/multiplicity, but will be tailored to whoever is there on the day as a workshop around whatever concerns people have. A meetup will be held afterwards if people are interested.

The Online Discussion Group continues to grow, we currently have over 700 profiles linked in. We recently had some big conversations about safety and diversity and how to manage triggers. One suggestion born out of that was to develop some resources around calming distressed parts and coping with feeling triggered – if anyone would like to contribute to such a project, please let me know.

More food for thought from the Group:

Noel Hunter is a graduate student at Long Island University, doing research into treatments for DID and voice hearing as part of her dissertation. She would love to hear from people who meet the criteria listed here.

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Goals for SA

I (Sarah) am back from the World Hearing Voices Congress in Melbourne, with some new goals, ideas, and supportive people on board. One of the most important of these is a number of people keen to support the development of a Voice Hearing network here in South Australia. Obviously I’m passionate about our DI aims and resources also, which complement the VH network but are also distinct. We are going to have discussions about what we can do and the best format for a new, better supported local network – and how it might be part of many other national and international communities who are also doing work around dissociation, the mad pride movement, alternative paradigms for supporting mental health, social justice, and community development.

Here are the plans for the next weeks and months:

  • Rest, recover, catch up on sleep, look after myself (ongoing!)
  • Write up an article about every talk I attended at the congress to share publicly for those who couldn’t attend (I have fairly comprehensive notes)
  • Touch base with my friends over at Mifsa about the congress and the possibility of a new SA network
  • Touch base with my friends involved in the DI about these things
  • Touch base with my local HV group Sound Minds about these things
  • Touch base with other supportive and passionate people for suggestions and advice about mental health networks, community building, and social change – particularly those with experience in these areas
  • Hold a free local talk in SA, the same one I offered at the Congress “Supporting Someone in a Dissociative Crisis”
  • Meet up with people who have put up their hand as interested parties for a local SA network and start to develop some relationships and teams
  • Open the conversation about networks and resources up to everyone via internet discussions and local community gatherings

To keep posted on these developments, please follow this blog or join our Online Discussion Group. If you would like to be involved or attend some of these things, let us know!