For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Hello all!

I identify as multiple myself, (learn more about me here) and apart from maintaining this network, I’m also a consultant.

I’m currently contracting with the South Australian Mental Health Commission who are wanting input from as many South Australians as possible to create the new Mental Health Strategic Plan. We would love to reach out to other people who experience multiplicity, dissociation, or amnesia, and our friends, families, allies, and professional supporters and make sure you are included!

There’s many ways South Australians can get involved, from this quick and simple online survey to a facilitated creative group or special event. It can be group or individual, totally independent or I can set up something special. All South Australians are invited to take part,

We have until the end of May! 

More info about the Commission and Strategic Plan here: SA Mental Health Commission Website

Info about the ways to talk to us here: Community Conversations, Ways to Talk to Us



I’d love to hear from folks about the best ways to approach this. I’m currently working with the Pride of the South folks creating a fantastic, free IDAHOBIT day event (International Day against homophobia hate and discrimination for gender, sexuality, and bodily diverse people) and a little corner of my brain is thinking – how amazing would a chance to meet like that be for our community! I’d be happy to host an afternoon tea or chance to meet online if that’s easier. What do you think?

Reach out to me at or 0401 099 174
Or directly to the SA Mental Health Commission on or 1300 293 220


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