For, by, and about people with multiplicity, dissociation, and amnesia

Hello friends of the DI,

Earlier this year, I put together a project proposal for a fellowship application for a study tour. I’m very sad to tell you that my application was not successful this time, but there has been a lot of interest and excitement in the project.

I have just shared a run down of the project on my personal blog. I will update of any developments through this newsletter. 🙂

Project Aim (ie my goal)

To explore the in intersections between mental illness, mental injury, and identity, through the experiences and understandings of the Multiple community.

This is a highly diverse community including those formally diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder DID (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder), those who self-identify as experiencing multiplicity, and those with different frameworks and understandings such as spiritual possession. People’s experiences range from severe mental illness, poverty, and impairment, to multi-millionaires and founding directors of organisations. It is the perfect community for exploring how diversity and suffering intersect.

Why is Multiplicity an identity – even a ‘super power’ for some, but a catastrophic disorder for others? What role does diagnosis, self-identification, the way we name and frame difference and suffering, and social visibility play in people’s capacity to function? Multiples have a great deal to teach us about the way we approach the human condition, especially diversity, suffering, freedom, visibility, and identity.

Massively misunderstood, stigmatised, under-resourced, and mis-diagnosed, the Multiple community is largely invisible and difficult for researchers to access. I was diagnosed with DID in 2007 but have since recovered: I no longer meet the diagnostic criteria around impairment or distress but still live as a Multiple. I founded the Dissociative Initiative, an international project, and am out about my multiplicity in my public blog, personal, and professional life. I have rare access to this community and deep insight into the challenges, opportunities, and diversity within it.

For the full project, please go here: The Multiplicity Project

Signing off for now, with best wishes and warm regards as always,

Sarah K Reece


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  1. Peter Antrum said:

    Hi Sarah,
    Very interesting.
    You have my full support.

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